Men's Hair Removal


Belly  $40            
Low Back  $40+  
Full Back  $85     

We offer high quality, low temperature wax to ensure that your waxing treatments are painless. Aromatherapeutic oils and conditioners leave your skin soft and soothed.

*Please note that there may be an extra fee at the spa for areas not covered online. 

Laser Hair Removal

Our laser hair removal prices vary. Your treatment begins with a free consultation. You are welcome to ask any questions, and if you like, try a test patch area.
After your consultation, you will know how to book your future appointments.

Never think about your unwanted hair again.Yes, REALLY.
No More:
Shirts at the beach
Hairy back or arms
5 o'clock shadows

No more constant hair maintenance worries. Laser is the most advanced technology for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation and Tres Belle has been winning awards for it since 2006. 

Additional Grooming

Nose  $25   
Ears  $35    

*Any add-ons with a fee will be discussed with you before your session begins.
*We are proud to offer completely natural and vegan treatments on request, and at no extra fee.
*All of our treatments are suitable for men.

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