Microcurrent Facial

$299 Face and Neck

Look years younger in just one session.
Look MANY years younger with Botox-like results with accumulative sessions.

You want non-invasive anti-aging, line erasing and skin brightening, not only on your face but also on your neck. This service is for YOU. 

Long recognized as an aid in speeding the recovery of soft tissue damage, microcurrent found its place in the aesthetics field. Discovered by pure accident by a physician performing treatments on patients with Bell's Palsy, the doctor saw the skin of his patients start to look younger and firmer. Now, using the same technology, we are able to sculpt the cheekbones and help clients with such concerns as sagging skin at the face, eyes, jowls and neck.

Our intelligent Microcurrent Myolift is a holistic and healing approach to wellness and beauty. We are the only spa in Brooklyn using a Nobel prize winning technology to analyze your individual cellular structure to direct the exact amount of current necessary to drastically increase your collagen and elastin production, tone muscles underneath the skin and reshape the face. Systems in most spas use a less effective, one size fits all approach. Come experience Tres Belle Spa's customized microcurrent, celebrated by beauty editors and most recently featured in Brooklyn Magazine as seen below.

Face + Neck  $295
Favored by top models and celebrities who need to look their very best all the time. Microcurrent Myolift far surpasses other systems on the market by reading your specific needs and delivering remarkable results. Not only will you see a dramatic reduction in fine lines IMMEDIATELY, our system increases elastin and collagen production, ATP, oxygenation and endorphin release.



*Because this system uses energy currents, clients with pacemakers or a history of seizures should not book this service

*Any add-ons with a fee will be discussed with you before your session begins.
*We are proud to offer completely natural and vegan treatments on request, and at no extra fee.
*All of our treatments are suitable for men.

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