$310 75 Minutes

Your Answer to Dry Skin, Fresh Acne Scars, Dull Skin, Excess Vellus Hair

This 3 Phase Treatment Includes:

  • Precision Dermaplane Detailing
  • Custom Enzymatic/light Peel
  • Deep Hydration Infusion

Dermaplane is a method of exfoliation that removes top layers of dry, dead skin. It smoothes fine lines and rejuvenates skin showing signs of hormonal changes. Using light, feathering strokes, upper skin layers are safely abraded improving the skin's ability to absorb topical skin treatments and completely drink in vitamins. As a wonderful bonus, vellus hair is completely removed leaving you with baby soft skin that lasts for weeks. 



Tres Belle Spa Dermaplaning in Byrdie Beauty
Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn Dermaplaning to remove facial hair

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*Any add-ons with a fee will be discussed with you before your session begins.
*We are proud to offer completely natural and vegan treatments on request, and at no extra fee.
*All of our treatments are suitable for men.

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