Biologique Recherche: Cryo Cold Treatment

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Tres Belle Spa's answer to highly sensitive skin.

This 5 point skin trip is perfect for  every skin type but especially the overheated, the red, the pink, the puffy and those looking for a tightening, plumping treatment like no other. We believe that even the most sensitive skin client deserves a  beautiful treatment to address issues beyond soothing. We are proud to introduce this offering based on cold care science and Biologique Recherche active plant proteins. Prepare to be wowed!

  • We begin with a gently milky cleanse massage to detoxify impurities from the the skin through lymphatic drainage.
  • A deep oxygenating cleanse is performed using Biologique Recherche Cryo Sticks (they're Madonna's favorite) to soothe, plump and brighten the skin. The skin will also be sculpted by implementing  BR's own facial cool sculpting using a combination of cryo stick and hand manipulation. 
  • Gentle enzymatic exfoliation will resurface even the most sensitive of skins, leaving it polished and smooth. 
  • Custom serum infusion will drench your fresh skin in ingredients to support soothing, healing and firming.
  • Your facial will finish off with a cold collagen/algae jelly mask to give the skin incredible tightening and a red-free freshness.  This wonderful finishing mask will sit just ontop of the skin to give that final soothing to your perfectly plumped skin. 
*Any add-ons with a fee will be discussed with you before your session begins.
*We are proud to offer completely natural and vegan treatments on request, and at no extra fee.
*All of our treatments are suitable for men.

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