What I REALLY Use To Keep My Skin Glowing By Allison Tray, Spa Founder January 15 2018

Dear Friends,
My dad and I founded Tres Belle Spa in 2004. During my 14 years as a skincare expert, I have been approached by numerous skincare companies. It took me a long time to choose products with which to treat my clients. When someone puts the health and beauty of their skin in my hands, I want them to experience real results. At Tres Belle we believe in sharing our knowledge with our clients, following the principals of Dr. Allouche of Biologique Recherche, "To put it simply, our skin can be compared to a house. If the roof is built badly and cannot guarantee protection against external aggressions, everything inside is subject to stress and becomes vulnerable." 

My goal has always been to find products that work to build a stronger, more beautiful skin. For me personally, I also had a goal to be make-up free as I glide into middle age. Eye make-up withstanding, I have ditched the concealer, the tinted moisturizers, my beloved Glossier highlighter and anything "cosmetic." Every skin is different not only in general, but from day to day. I am excited to share with you my absolutely favorite products of all time.

I do believe in a multi-layered routine for optimal skin health and I double cleanse before applying any magic elixir. It is important to first lightly cleanse the face to remove any make-up, dust, or other pollutants in order to use your second cleanse as a treatment. This is important, you don't want to massage make-up, dust, etc. back into the skin.

Here's the part where I divulge all of my secrets:


Eau Micellaire Biosensible-Biologique Recherche
Micellar Wipes-Garnier 


Lait VIP 02-Biologique Recherche
Gentle Cleanser-Skincueticals


P50 1970 Lotion-Biologique Recherche 
aptly nicknamed, "Jesus in a bottle." There is simply no other toner like it.

P50 Lotion at tres belle spa


Elastine Pure-Biologique Recherche
Silk Plus-Biologique Recherche
C E Ferulic-Skinceuticals
Hydrating Gel B5-Skinceuticals
HA Intensifier-Skinceuticals

Elastine Pure Biologique Recherche


Creme Contour Des Yeux VIP 02-Biologique Recherche
A.G.E. Eye-Skinceuticals

DAY CREAM/NIGHT CREAM: I use these for both

Creme VIP 02-Biologique Recherche
Creme MSR-H-Biologique Recherche
Creme Masque Vernix-Biologique Recherche
All In One Snail Repair-Mizon
Triple Lipid Restore-Skinceuticals


Masque Vivant-Biologique Recherche
Masque VIP 02-Biologique Recherche
Snail Sheet Mask-Mizon
Violet-C Radiance Mask-Tatcha
Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask-Fresh


Polished Classic Enzyme Rice Powder-Tatcha

tatcha rice powder

I highly recommend seeing an esthetician for a facial to deep clean the skin. Let a professional guide you to the best skincare for your skin. Don't waste money buying things that you think you need. If you don't see a REAL change in your skin from your products, it's time to change it up. Aim to go make-up free!


For more information or to purchase any of the Biologique Recherche or Skinceuticals products, please contact me at allison@tresbellespa.com