Tres Belle Spa + DuJour Magazine: Beauty Fixes For 2017 January 05 2017

Tres Belle Spa  gives beauty tips for 2017 to DuJour Magazine

Dear Friends,
Each new year presents the opportunity for new starts { and sometimes new challenges } and let's face it, self-care and good skin can get us through almost anything. You might remember our post in DuJour Magazine and our 3 important tips on getting thicker, fuller brows. Beautiful brows is definitely a trend that we will see going through '17 and also really fresh, glowing skin. DuJour tapped some amazing beauty experts to find out what beauty and wellness fixes we love this year. Here's the tip we shared:


Find your glow

“Try booking a quick peel. Most spas (whether they advertise it or not) are happy to do quick exfoliating treatments. Most likely your service would include a massaging cleanse, a chemical exfoliation that is stronger than you can get as a non-professional but, gentle enough not to require downtime and a soothing or hydrating mask depending on your skin’s needs.” -Founder of Tres Belle Spa, Allison Tray

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