Tres Belle Spa: The Truth About Lash Lift March 20 2019

Dear Friends,
Hi, I am writing to you from my favorite little weekend getaway, The Forsyth in Kingston NY. I am post THREE COURSE breakfast, caffeinated and ready to rumble. As summer approaches I have been revisiting ways to shorten your "beauty" routine. As I have blogged before, lash lift is a must have service for polished looking eyes with no effort on your part at all. Summer heat can wreak havoc on eye make-up, lash lift doesn't smudge or budge for up to 6 weeks. 

This week the staff and I had the pleasure of hosting Liz Teich aka The New York Stylist. The stunning blonde came to us with barely there, very white lashes. She was looking to simplify her beauty routine and prep for an upcoming vacation. Lash lift will make her eyes pop and look stunning through swimming, sleeping, After talking all things Biologique Recherche and Skinceuticals, Paula took her in for her lash-over. 

lash lift

The process is 60 minutes and totally comfortable. Think of it as a relaxing hour of getting to close your eyes and lay down. Paula was in the zone of complete focus while treating Liz. Liz on the other hand, almost fell asleep! 

Above, you see Liz's lash transformation. Brand new lashes that are glamorous but not fake and over the top. Liz can go on vacation and leave her eye make-up at home. With a toddler and a busy life styling and curating, Liz needs to be able to throw herself together at a moments notice. Her lash lift takes the worry of eye make-up off her list of to-do's. Liz was gorgeous to begin with, now with an extra sparkle.

Liz Teich at Tres Belle Spa.


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Allison XO