Tres Belle Spa: Recharge Your Summer Beauty Cabinet in 15 Minutes June 19 2017

June 2017

Tres Belle Spa shows Charlotte's Book How To Refresh Summer Beauty in 15 Minutes.

Each new season brings the excitement of "it" product of the moment or the long-awaited moment to reunite with your tried and true favorites. Much like switching over your seasonal wardrobe, having your products organized and ready to go will streamline your morning routine. When you’ve tidied up your beauty arsenal, it’ll feel good to see a clean and curated collection of products that you love and have chosen with care. You will have the space to determine what new products you need in your beauty arsenal and what new hi-tech beauty treatments to indulge in. Read on to find out how I broke this 15 minute task down into just 3 specific 5 minute increments. 

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To read the 5-5-5 breakdown to a well-organized beauty cabinet, follow this link: