Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: Transform Skin In Just 7 Days With Vi Peel September 23 2016

Vi Peel transforms your skin in just 7 days. 
Tres Belle Spa favorite, the Vi Peel, is the perfect pick me up for post summer skin that's gone from fab to drab. This self-neutralizing peel is performed in just 30 pain-free minutes. Immediately after application your skin will appear slightly red or tan. After approximately 48-72 hours, the skin will begin to shed. During the peeling process, age spots, sun spots, acne scars, and fine lines begin to fade and fresh new skin begins to peek through. One week post peel we invite you back for a complimentary plumping hydration treatment, your cherry on top. 
Fall is a season of transformation,
and the perfect time to take advantage of Vi Peel.