Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: Every Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion Explained July 28 2018

Tres Belle Spa breaks down the cult of P50 for Charlotte's Book

Hi Friends,
I am OMG 247, all theeeeee time for Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. This is no secret. There is literally NO SKIN ISSUE that P50 can't improve. I even got my neighbors on the miracle lotion, nicknamed "Jesus in a bottle." Not long ago, I posted about my 3 favorite BR products for summer. Recently, I was asked by Charlotte's Book to breakdown the different formulations of P50 for their discerning readers.


I had fun detailing and obsessing over each and every formula. Here I am using a one word descriptor, for fun.
P50 strengthening
P50 1970 strongest 
P50W gentle 
P50V plumping
P50 PIGM 400 hyperpigmentation

I know you're curious to read more about these cult-status elixirs. Click onto Charlotte's Book to read the entire breakdown in every delicious detail.

To experience the magic of Lotion P50, try a Biologique Recherche treatment at Tres Belle. More info HERE.

Allison XOX