Tres Belle Spa: How To Treat and Prevent Bacne and Body Acne June 21 2017

June 2017

Tres Belle Spa Teaches Charlotte's Book About Back Acne Facials {bacne} Prevention

I remember suffering from cystic bacne and body acne (also on my chest) as a teen, and it haunted me. I had no idea how to treat my bacne and no idea what was even causing it. All I knew was that, I hated the summertime. While my friends were frolicking on the beach and laughing it up at keg parties (I hope my mom isn’t reading this!) I was home obsessing over how to survive the heatwave. I also cut gym class quite bit, so much so that to this day (I’m a 46 year old woman, thank you) I have nightmares of going up to get my diploma, only to be denied because of gym absences.

Some of us count the days, hours, and minutes for the first sign of summer, but not all of us. For those who suffer from body acne, the season of skin can cause anxiety long before it starts. Many of my clients have been booking back-polishing treatments now that summer is hot on our heels. After going through a summer-beauty-cabinet clean up "Kondo style" I found some serums that would keep summer breakouts at bay, face and back. I am honored to have been asked by "beauty bible" Charlotte's Book to give a bacne breakdown. Please read on to get the details on this very "of the moment" treatment..HERE.

For information about getting your very own back polishing treatment, read HERE.