Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: 5 Professional Anti-Acne Tips October 01 2016

Tres Belle Spa gives Inspirations and Celebrations on Anti-Acne Tips

Dear Friends,
Long gone are the days of Stridex Pads and stinky astringents as anti-acne go-to's. Now more than ever we are considering diet and lifestyle changes to help combat and prevent break-outs and other annoying skin conditions. At Tres Belle Spa we consistently have clients seeing us for help treating adult acne. In this post I will share a few spa secrets that go beyond the acne facial. I was asked by Inspirations and Celebrations to share my favorite anti-acne tip. Before you read the article 


1. Pillowcase:
Try to sleep on a crispy-clean surface every single night. Flip your pillow over, turn your pillowcase inside out, and repeat. Excess oils, drool, hair products and the like are all over that case, keep it fresh!

2. Hair:
Keep your hair off your face. Products and oil can transfer onto skin and cause clogged pores and breakouts. Try wearing your bangs off your face and hair pulled back, especially during periods when you're noticing breakouts.

3. Hands:
It might seem obvious when I suggest you not touch your face.You might think that you don't even touch it "that much." Once you start to become conscious of how much you actually do it, you'll see it's more than you thought. Now you can try to stop.

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