Tres Belle Spa: Biologique Recherche's BEST IN SUMMER BRIGHTENING June 28 2018

Hi Friends,
In my last blog, I talked about pigmentation and my favorite Biologique Recherche products to target it. This time around I am singing the praises of the best in summer brightening with my newly discovered "can't live without" serum. I am over le moon to introduce you to Oligo-Proteines Marines.This serum largely composed of algae peptones, will take your make-up free summer skin to next level brightness. Many of my clients have make-up free skin goals. As the heat and humidity creep the NYC streets, the last thing anybody wants is more stuff on their face. Ditch the highlighter, ( it brightens and shines! ) and concealer ( it erases dark under-eye circles!)  and watch Oligo work it's brightening magic.

  • Oligo-Proteines Marines Key Points Dark circles under your eyes disappear and your complexion is bright and rested
  • SOS treatment for stresses, dull skin's and the MUST HAVE for smoker's skin
  • Concentrations of marine energy awaken skin

Provides miraculous brightening Application Apply 6-10 drops in a light ascending massage to face, neck and decollete. Do not mix with other serums. Use for 1-2 month courses. 

If you would like more information on this serum or to purchase, please contact me at