Tres Belle Spa: Are You Washing Your Face Wrong? April 17 2019

Dear Friends,
I thought of naming this post "You're Doing It Wrong" but, anyone who didn't get the Mr.Mom 80's movie reference would think I was just mean. I am not mean, I care and that's why I am sharing some wee course corrections you can make to get the most out of your skincare. I am going to share really simple stuff like...the correct way to apply eye cream. I realized recently many folks out there are making some errors that could effect results. I swear I reference Oprah's classic bomb drop "Most women are wearing the wrong bra size." more than anyone has a right to 30 yrs (?) later. It has come to my attention that many are cleaning their face and applying eye cream wrong. In this post I won't be talking specific products, just application how-to's. 


Photo by Matthew Tkocz


How To Clean Your Face:

DO: Use upward motions to apply cleanser. #upupup
* You want your skin to stay up, train it.
DO NOT: Move hands up and down and round and round.

DO: Use cool to cold water to rinse.
* Cold water de-puffs, and tightens skin.
DO NOT: Use hot water.

DO: Exfoliate with a tiny bit of baking soda, very gently.
* baking soda brightens and shrinks pores
DO NOT: Use apricot scrub, the uneven shape of the grains can puncture the skin.

How To Apply Toner:

DO: Apply 4-5 drops onto a cotton round and tap in an upward motion on face.
* Gentle tapping will keep skin from getting irritated.
DO NOT: Rub toner onto face in the same manner as cleanser because, it's not.

How To Apply Eye Cream:  

DO: Tap a small amount from the outside to inside.
* This application gives a lymphatic drain and takes away puffiness.
DO NOT: Pull the under eye area back and forth

How To Mask:

DO: Begin by cleansing and toning. Leave mask for at least 10 minutes. 
* Most masks need 20 minutes. Read directions on product.

DO NOT: Leave on longer than directed. You can harm the skin.

I hope these tips are helpful. Sometimes you won't get the results you're looking for if you're application is incorrect. You might even see a change in the efficacy of your products. I hope so. If you're interested in coming to see us at Tres Belle Spa for more skincare info, please contact us HERE.

Yours In Sunscreen,

Allison Tray
Proprietress, Tres Belle Spa