Tres Belle Brooklyn: 3 Ways Dermaplaning Differs From Razor Shaving December 15 2016

Byrdie Beauty asks Tres Belle Spa about Dermaplaning For Facial Hair

December 2016

Brooklyn Dermaplaning Tres Belle Spa

Dear Friends,
We beauty experts are consistently asked what the best method is for removing facial hair. As with most skincare related treatments, there's no "one size fits all" answer. For the first 10 years as a small Brooklyn spa, Tres Belle not only used laser-facials or photofacials on skin for rejuvenation but also to remove excess facial hair. It wasn't until about 6 years ago that we began to offer waxing, realizing clients with fair hair were not yielding the results with laser hair removal that we had hoped. We began to offer dermaplaning recently for skin exfoliation on clients seeing the signs of glycation and a rough texture from hormonal changes in the skin. The procedure also removes vellus hair or "peach fuzz" which can cause many issues as, it traps dirt and oil which can lead to break-outs, acne and enlarged pores. Professional removal of vellus hair through dermaplaning gives you results that last.

I do not recommend "shaving" your face at home. There are many differences between an at home shave and dermaplaning. Here are 3:

1. Razor quality: Professional dermaplaning razors are surgical grade making them extremely sharp and smooth. A regular facial razor is not made to exfoliate the skin in the same way. Dermaplane razors are very sharp, making them much more safe and easily able to glide over the skin. Just like in kitchen

2. Technique: Your Esthetician or Dermatologist has been trained at length to perform this service with their professional tool. Not using the correct technique can result in cuts that may lead to infection and even scars.

3. Noticable results: Skin treated with a dermaplane scalpel will see enhanced renewal and promote rapid cell turnover. A professional will have medical-grade serums to apply at just the right time to be fully absorbed for optimal results.

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