Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: Do Korean Beauty Snail Facials Work? February 28 2016


Brooklyn facial clients are savvy, quickly catching onto the obsession for Korean beauty in all shapes and forms, especially the use of snail cream. Before offering our Korean Beauty Facial Tres Belle Spa did the research. We got the facts. One encouraging study was from the Journal of Dermatological Treatment. The journal presented results from a lab study in which cell cultures showed significant improvement in the skin of burn victims. 

ABC News reports on researchers who gathered 25 participants experiencing moderate to severe facial photodamage. One side of the subjects’ faces were treated with snail secretion, while the other side was treated with a placebo for a 12-week period. A significant reduction was noted in fine lines, deep wrinkles, as well as elasticity. Skin dryness and roughness was resolved in ALL of the patients by day 90 as well.

It is important to note that the snails are not harmed in anyway by the collection of their mucin. A man by the name of Louis-Marie Guedon in Champagnolles, France is known for his snail farming. He has been manually extracting snail slime for years now, and has been raising snails for the past 25 years. While Guedon maintains a policy of secrecy about his techniques to squeeze out every last drop, he assures animal rights activist that his methods of extracting snail slime does not involve killing or harming the snails involved in the process.

According to Guedon, local cosmetic laboratories in France have placed orders for large quantities of snail slime. These cosmetic laboratories create consumer beauty products for very popular brands of makeup throughout the world. Snail mucin might one day soon be common place in self-care products. So far the evidence has shown it heals and hydrates and the enthusiasm just to grow.