Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: Adding IPL Photofacial To Your Beauty Routine January 12 2016

Dear Friends,

I have been working with lasers for over a decade and I have seen IPL Photofacial  {intense pulsed light} change appearances and lives. Adding IPL Photofacial to your beauty routine corrects a number of common skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, age spots, and sun spots. It's also the #1 corrective treatment for Rosacea or redness in the skin. IPL works wonderfully for those with sensitive skin as, there are no harsh chemicals or scrubs used in these quick, and virtually pain-free sessions.  Because IPL stimulates collagen production, it also works as a preventative for signs of early aging and helps to soften the look of fine lines. To get even more lifting results, try microcurrent after you finish your series of IPL Photofacials. Read the reviews and see the photos posted by Lauren Cosenza of Divalicious when she had Tres Belle's Microcurrent Myolift.

At Tres Belle Spa we have been providing IPL Photofacials for over a decade. Most IPL Photofacials cost up to $600 but we have created an affordable menu for 2016. We now offer sessions targeting the most commonly requested treatment areas. For the face we bring back our popular Brighten. Lighten.Tighten., which includes a few extra skin-boosting modalities making it a luxurious  and effective treat.  You can also book sessions that target 2 of the areas to first show signs of aging: decollete, and hands


IPL is results driven and quick, which may be just some of the reasons it is one of the most highly praised skin treatments available. Winter is the perfect time to take the plunge and amp up your beauty routine as, you're likely to be indoors more, covered up by clothing and coats, and don't need to worry about sensitivity from heat and humidity. Once you are having this treatment it is important to be vigilant with sunscreen, to prevent the return of age and sun spots. Book a session for yourself at Tres Belle Spa.


XO Allison