Tres Belle Spa: What Is An Esthetician February 19 2015

Estheticians and Dermatologists are both important when it comes to skin health and beauty. 

 Estheticians perform all manners of facials, peels, waxing, lash and brow grooming, laser and more. They attend professional school of up to 1500 hours intensive study, this doesn't include extra time for specific certifications to perform more invasive treatments like chemical peels for example.

An Esthetician spends the time to thoroughly examine your skin and determine what it needs to be as healthy and beautiful as possible. Your appointments will usually be 60-90 minutes of cleansing, massaging, deep pore cleansing, balancing, hydrating and more depending on your specific needs. Dermatologists are crucial when it comes to your skin health as, they can detect and treat skin cancers and perform important surgeries. The type of care is much different than seeing an Esthetician, a Dermatologist will likely spend 10-15 minutes with you, and write you a prescription.

Estheticians can help to treat skin conditions and give you the tools you need to continue improving your skin with at-home routines. Getting a professional facial will not solve all of your skin issues. It is crucial to continue care on your own between appointments to fully reap the benefits of your professional treatment. Facials are like the gym for your skin. The gym doesn't really pay off if you go once a month. Maintenance is key when re-conditioning your body and it's the same with your skin.

You and your Esthetician are a team. Any good Esthetician is going to discuss skin creams and products with you after your treatment. How many times have you purchased a fancy product, only for it to be wrong for your skin or to not do what you want it to at all? After your session you will be shown the best products to help continue and build on your results post-facial. You will be educated on how to clean, tone and condition your skin and what ingredients will benefit your specifically.

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