Tres Belle Spa: The Most Advanced Microcurrent Facial in NYC February 17 2015

Tres Belle Medi-Spa is proud to introduce the most sophisticated Microcurrent Facial technology in Brooklyn, NYC, the Microcurrent Myolift. For years, women in Europe have been using microcurrent to address such skin concerns as wrinkles and dullness. Celebrities need to look camera-ready at all times and demand the most advanced anti-aging treatments. Discerning clientele such as Madonna, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lopez, and Vanessa Williams have helped to put microcurrent on the map here in the U.S. Our clientele have been getting themselves ready for Fashion week, Pilot Season, auditions and their weddings with Microcurrent Myolift appointments. Many NYC clients are just now experiencing the wonders of the "workout for the face" that is microcurrent and specifically, the Microcurrent Myolift. Tres Belle Spa staff have been getting lots of questions about our new amazing facials so we decided to share a quick Q and A right here on the blog.

     The Best Anti-Aging Treatment in NYC NOW at Tres Belle Spa

What is Microcurrent Myolift and how is it different from regular microcurrent?

Our intelligent Microcurrent Myolift computer is a holistic and healing approach to wellness and beauty. A Nobel prize winning technology in “cell channel finding” analyzes your individual cellular structure to direct the exact amount of current necessary to drastically increase your collagen and elastin production, tone muscles underneath the skin and reshape the face. Unlike most microcurrent offerings which use a pre-set bombardment of current or a “one size fits all approach”, Microcurrent Myolift far surpasses other systems on the market by reading your specific needs and delivering remarkable results.

What kind of results can Microcurrent Myolift deliver?

Drastic reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, scarring, bruising, puffiness and dark circles
 - Texture, skin tone and elasticity improves
 - Exfoliates and eliminates toxins from inside out
 - Rejuvenates the cells and increases circulation
 - Eyebrows, cheeks, neck and under chin muscle { turkey neck } lifts and reshapes
 - Stimulates the collagen, elastin and activates DNA and protein synthesis
 - Restores the ATP in the muscles (muscles become more firm, giving you a lifted appearance)          changes the memory of the muscle under the skin which softens the wrinkle on the surface
 - Reduces inflammation and water retention
 - Accelerates the rate of cellular repair and replication, speeds post-surgery recovery
 - Stimulation of Endorphin release for an overall feeling of well-being, and alpha/theta of stress    reduction

Who is the Micocurrent Myolift client?

If any of the following passages pertain to you, you’d be an ideal candidate:
You want to look and feel your best.
You want to look lifted and feel refreshed.
You want non-invasive beauty and wellness treatments without medications or chemicals, that deliver a “WOW” factor.

How many Microcurrent Myolift treatments will I need?

You will see beautiful results after one treatment and more drastic, long lasting results after 4 or more sessions. *Most clients achieve their desired outcome in 4 to 6 treatments and return only once per month to hold results.

Are YOU ready to experience the treatment popular with celebrities? Book the Microcurrent Myolift now and start feeling incredible from the inside out.

Allison Tray at Tres Belle Spa