Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: Microcurrent Myolift For Younger Looking Hands AND Pain Management January 30 2015

Microcurrent Myolift at Tres Belle Spa is used for younger looking hands and pain management. You might be surprised to know that your hands give away your age even more than your face and the use of electrical current can reverse the process. Your hands are constantly exposed to the elements and overlooked, especially when compared to all the attention you give to your face. Sun damage, aging and extreme weather are the biggest culprits. You may notice a slight aging of the hands in your 20's but for most of us, we take notice in our 30's and 40's when the aging has already started to really progress. You likely see a crepe-like texture and perhaps some hyperpigmentation. 

How To Keep Hands Silky, Healthy and Young:

In Your 20's: Make sunscreen on your hands part of your daily ritual. At this age, you have a chance at preventing and protecting the delicate skin on your hands.

In Your 30's and 40's: Drink lots of water! Keep up with your sunscreen and add an anti-oxidant serum. This will not only add an extra layer of protection, it will help reverse the signs of aging too. You might also consider a microcurrent treatment. Many models and celebrities use this modality to smooth out lines on face, neck, chest and of course, hands. 

50's and On: Add a thick anti-aging cream formulated for hands to all of the steps above. For those suffering from tendinitis and arthritis, Tres Belle Spa's anti-aging Microcurrent Myolift incorporates the use of Myopulse technology, which gently stimulates muscles, reduces inflammation, and eases arthritis and tendinitis pain, while strengthening damaged tissue. Corrective signals are sent to muscles and contractile tissue, so that the cells can begin to repair themselves. Younger looking hands, pain-free hands, all in the same treatment.

If you're in NYC, stop into Tres Belle Spa and let us show you our favorite ways to turn back the clock, on YOUR hands!