Tres Belle Spa: Easy Giving NOW November 30 2014

From my window on Clinton Street in Brooklyn, I see the set-ups being built to hold the Christmas trees that will soon fill the sidewalks. Across the street Linda sets up lights and a big Santa display on her awning. My niece and nephew will invite me over to play dreidel and eat latkes and likely make me listen to Frozen. I know some of you can relate.

In the spirit of community, I urge you to feel every moment of joy the season brings but to also remember that there are people for whom holiday season is the toughest of the year. This year, Sanctuary For Families is in dire need of help. SFF creates safe-houses and helps to rebuild the lives of adults and children who have escaped domestic abuse, gender violence and the horrors of sex trafficking. YOU can help ensure that they have a little joy this season.
Sanctuary For Families NYC

Tres Belle Spa is serving as a drop-off, collecting new, unwrapped gifts to be distributed by Sanctuary For Families to those living in shelter, trying to rebuild their lives. Your donation can be as simple as a shampoo/conditioner set, a winter hat and scarf, baby toys, children's books. Collections are ongoing through December 8.

These gifts can easily be purchased from your local drugstore, or small business. You need not spend a lot of money. Please consider contributing a small item such as a winter hat for a baby.

Thank you.