Matthew: You probably get more pimples from all that makeup you're wearing. Maria: Make-up hides my pimples. Matthew: Sorry. {Trust by Hal Hartley} August 21 2010

Was just thinking about indie filmmaker and cool kid Hal Hartley. I loooved his films and watched them obsessively in my 20's. The scene quoted in the title of this blog post made me think of pimples. Then I thought about a really wonderful review that Tres Belle got praising our acne facial:

Best facials I've EVER had!! GO GO GO!!
2010-04-17 13:19:00.0 Posted by ChevyEvy
Ladies and Gentlemen, the long and exhausting search is over. I?ve been battling with my skin for years. Not in the way that those fresh-faced liars in the Proactiv commercials have ? we?re talking big pores, cystic acne, blackhead central, painful bumps, whiteheads and every now and then, a random sprinkling of acne. It?s tragic. I?ve tried every product ever made (you should see my bathroom) and have gotten facials in quite a few places. For my last birthday, my family asked what I wanted as a gift. I pointed at my face and said, ?Fix it!? After a bit of research, my brother found Tres Belle. I?d booked an appointment with what seemed to be the friendliest staff member. Skeptically, I figured they were just happy to have someone come in and overcharge. My first facial (and each one following) was with Yoshie. I believe God put her on this earth for me. She?s a very sweet and approachable woman filled to the rim with knowledge. I instantly felt comfortable as she told me about her skin issues and how she took care of them. There?s nothing like hearing it from someone who?s been in your shoes. She extracted my face the way I would (if I could) ? getting every single last sucker. She wasn?t lazy about it like most facialists I?ve been to, giving up on certain blemishes or areas. She understood, very organically, how each procedure felt and adjusted her technique to accommodate without my having to say a word. She also talked to me. This is something I?d never experienced with a facialist before. She explained how my skin operates and what I can and should do to make it better. After years of treating my skin the wrong way ? I can finally start preventing it rather than just treating it after the fact! I also really like that no one ever tries to talk you into buying their line of products ? any and every last place I?d ever been to would do it right after my facial. My blackheads are a thing of the past at this point and my skin is clearing up quite noticeably. I?m doing a few more and then moving on to a Photo Facial so that I can get rid of my acne scarring. I cannot wait! The owner, Allison, had a similar story to that of Yoshie?s. I sat with her for well over an hour past my appointment just talking. She gave me a lot of helpful tips about diet and products (things I didn?t know ? after all these years of terrible skin!) She?s so personable and funny. She really cares and does an amazing job at making you feel like you?re important, even when there are other customers in the spa. I?m recommending this place to everyone I know ? whether or not they have acne. They offer a lot of other services that I?m sure once my skin problems disappear, I?ll be trying! GO! GO! GO!
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