Oprah says many Women wear the wrong bra size. Tres Belle says most Women use the wrong skin care products. October 27 2010

Are you wearing the wrong bra size? Oprah, says you just might be!

Chances are you're using the wrong products for your skin too. It's important not only for the look of your skin but also for skin health, that your skin type be properly determined by a professional. Many clients come to Tres Belle Spa assuming that because their skin is shiny, it's oily. Usually these clients have skin that's dehydrated. Proper moisture from a product such as Skinceuticals "Hydrating Gel B5" balances oil production and moisture levels. Balanced skin looks and feels cleaner and clearer. If you'd like a free skin type assessment at Tres Belle please email allison@TresBelleSpa.com with "What's My Skin Type" in the subject line. We're happy to provide you with some free skin care samples to help you achieve great skin health.