You'll go Gaga. October 06 2011

I'm not only gaga, I'm totally Lady Gaga for "dry brushing". What the hank is dry brushing, you ask? Just what it sounds like but not really what it seems like, which is painful but, it's not. Trust me, I have super sensitive skin. I was looking for an alternative to my popular post "Coffee in the Shower". I was lusting { as we all have at one time or another } for a skin detox type of experience. I always wondered what those long handled blonde-wood brushes were for, all nestled amongst the shower accessories at Park Natural in Brooklyn. They're for dry brushing, a total pre-shower skin trip, Mon! I scurried on home, got into my birthday suit and brushed firmly yet gently, from my feet, up my legs, belly, arms, ALL the while moving the brushstrokes towards my heart, for about 10 minutes. It felt amazing. It was unlike any other sensation I've ever experienced. After treating myself to a long[ish] shower, I felt so clean and fresh. My skin felt "alive" and was like BUTTAH. It glowed. Dry brushing has a ton of benefits besides detoxifying, it  may help with cellulite, digestion, premature skin aging and more. 
Brusha, Brusha, Brusha.