Guys: Healthy Skin Is Well...SEXY. October 14 2011

Most "beauty" blogs are written by and for Women. Step up Caballero's! We know you have your "go-to" products, your "goops" and your routines. I will never forget when Dad and I started our spa,  he threw his hands into the air proclaiming, "I'm a beauty Guy!". We've got plenty a "tough guy" that show up for laser hair removal, after years of swimming in t-shirts [ we assume they're in swimtrunks too but we have no data to prove this]. We also have skin care fanatics in the form of big burlies who know that great looking and healthy skin is well, SEXY. 

Everyone notices your skin. It's hot when you look like you give a shit.
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“Hi, this is a review of Tres Belle from a guy's perspective, for all of you guys out there. Tres Belle already gets superlatives from the ladies - but hey, you men-folk...don't be afraid to spa out. It's true - you *can* get an awesome facial at Tres Belle while keeping your rad machoness intact. The decor is very muted and Zen-cool. No frilly pink bunting in this place. And the music selection is highly eclectic: Massive Attack, Bjork, Herbalizer. So you won't feel like you just entered some Lifetime movie starring Meredith Baxter Birney (no shade though, I loved Kate's Secret as a kid). But that's just art direction. The service Tres Belle provides is amazing. I've been several times now for laser hair removal (no, it's not cool to have Yoda ears, no matter how much of a geek you are) and it was painless and the results were immediate and lasting. As for facials, that's where the money is. No joke, Allison's team is amazing. Last time I went, besides the treatments and thorough cleansing, I also got a KILLER Japanese pressure-point face massage. I'm getting chills just thinking about it. You know you've thought about it before. So go ahead. Just do it. Make an appointment. I guarantee you will become addicted. In a really masculine way.” -Justin Nuttall