No big whoop, not even a minuscule whoop. December 01 2011

Ok, so the last time I bought tofu was probably 10 years ago. The mush, the mess, the draining, the water changing...I gave up. I have ordered tofu in restaurants but since taking the vegan plunge, I have found I prefer seitan. Tonight changed all that. As I have done for over 20 years I was strolling the isles at Perelandra and saw WildWood SUPER FIRM Tofu.  What the HANK is "Super Firm"?! It's not listed on either one of their sites but I swear I'm not having an acid flash back. I bought it. I have the receipt.

What I did:

I gave the brick of tofu a little squeeze w/ a paper towel. No setting an entire set of Encyclopedia Britannica's on this mutha. A SQUEEZE. No more. No Less.That's it. No big whoop, in fact, no whoop at all, not even a minuscule whoop.

I sliced it thin and browned the strips in canola oil. I removed the browned strips and set 'em aside. They were all crispy-n-stuff. They were kind of delightful.

I sauteed lots of garlic and onion and then added strips of Swiss Chard. Oh, I love this green. So easy to cook w/ a little kick.

I added the tofu back to the pan and poured in some Curry Love Sauce, nutritional yeast, red pepper flakes and let it simmah, for like 5 minutes.

Then I ate it.
Then I told you.
Now YOU do it, and tell ME. Toot! Toot!