Brooklyn Flea-gan. December 05 2011

It's definitely "meat at first site" in the basement of the Brooklyn Flea at One Hanson Place but today, I decided to dig a little deeper. It's like Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister sang "I wanna nosh [ NOSH!]. I want. To. Nosh."  I'm like a dog. I'm food motivated. I don't give a hank about your earrings from the 70's or your eco-friendly croched hats, if I can't get snacks. I didn't taste everything but I did ask alot of questions to make sure everything I am listing in this blog post is vegan. After all, most vegetable soups are made w/ chicken stock, like the "beans and greens" one I almost got today. [insert wah wah wah trombone]

After sticking out my bottom lip and staring at my shoes for a few seconds, I cheered myself up with insanely delish sea-salt chocolate from Fine & Raw. Happy but hungry, my girlfriend Maria suggested I ask about the tamales at Solber Pupusas. I was informed that the "bean tamale" has no animal ingredients whatsoever, and I ate. I do wish they had ballsier hot-sauce than Tabasco but alas, it was really really flavorful. Not yet ready to put the breaks on my nosh and still being hungry after sharing my tamale with Maria, I saw "Butternut Squash Soup" on the board at Table Tales. No dairy and no animal stock just rich and creamy vegan soup.

Satiated, happy and full, we headed back upstairs to browse, and by "browse" I mean sample all of the salsa's at the Brooklyn Salsa Company. They have one named for each borough and a seasonal one too. We tasted every single one, a few times, hoping the guy behind the table wouldn't notice us basically "pigging out" while he chatted up 2 foxes from the Bronx. We settled on the seasonal option called The Harvest. A thick blend of Butternut Squash w/ Coconut milk and spices would be great for simmering left overs. Licking our plates later [yeah, that's right], we knew we made the right choice.

There are other things that are vegan that you can get at the flea. Here's a list:

AsiaDog has an Eve's vegan hot dog.
la Esquina offers salsa featured in The New York Times.
Tin Mustard offers mustard created by classically trained chefs.
McClures offers pickled pickles, chips and "Knock Yer Socks Off" Blood Mary Mix.

Get Stuffed.