Inspiration & Twiggy December 09 2011

I flip flopped.

It was not easy for me to transition to a mostly vegan lifestyle. I was able to disconnect from what I was eating, as most of us do. Although being severely allergic to dairy foods, they comforted me. I learned from my friend, Alex Jamieson of DeliciousVitality that cheese contains casomorphines which she says "act like opium, to calm us down".  I know a lot of non-veg folks who get a bit defensive when they find out you "don't eat meat". I think it's because they think maybe you are judging them because they do eat meat. Most of us, some of us, are not judging. For me, it's been a personal journey that I have been working on for years. I flip flopped. I celebrate, now that I have found the right "fit". After a lifetime of stomachaches, I feel insanely healthy and alive. I also love animals and stopped allowing myself the disconnect between animals and meat.


Chloe Jo at GirlieGirl Army. Years ago someone told me to sign up for her newsletter. It is because of reading her posts, those of her guest bloggers and the amazing work for animals that she does, that I started to consider a cleaner, greener , more meaningful way to live. People trust Chloe Jo and listen to her. This is a tree-hugger in heels, someone who might join the drum-circle but arrive perfectly coiffed.
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LISTEN: Shop this Eco-Ebay store to benefit GGA's mascot pit, Twiggy who has had extensive cancer surgery and will require expensive treatment!

Katie and Troy from Raven and Crow Studio have devoted their incredible design talents to promoting peace and love [ and fabulousness mind you] for all creatures. Their commitment to veganism and "just enough push but not harsh to turn you away" activism matters.Check out their gorgeous site

This moving documentary from PBS on crows is marvelous!

Gert Baraybar-Tray and Julio Baraybar-Tray remind me everyday why I don't eat animals. Their love for one another is awe-inspiring. You will rarely see one with out the other. It was love at first site. They slept next to each other the very day we adopted Gert. They are my kids.

 If we all took a small step towards being more aware, we'd really get somewhere.