Your scalp is skin! or Why you need a one-seeded drupe in your life. January 29 2012

I was Donnie and Marie obsessed as a girl growing up in CT. I can't say I actually remember the film "Goin' Coconuts" but, the title has popped into my mind at times, for no reason. Brushing my teeth, Goin' Coconuts! Off to the supermarket, Goin' Coconuts! Yearly pap-smear, Goin' Coconuts!

I use coconut on a weekly basis for at home skincare and wellness and thought I would share with you the benefits of this dang sexy one-seeded drupe. Yeah, that's right.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on the skin and um, your scalp is skin! Sometimes we forget, our scalps need stimulation and hydration just the same as the skin on your face and bod. To use Coconut Oil on your scalp is to nourish it, stimulate hair growth, to prevent breakage, and heal insect bites and even scalp break-outs. Coconut oil is comprised of essential fatty acids such as capric, caprylic, and linoleic. In other words: all the good stuff.

Many coconut oil offerings out there have been blended with other ingredients, making them not so "pure". I like Virgin Coconut Oil from It is pure and lasts a long time.

Here's how I use it in my hair:

Heat 1 teaspoon CO
After checking to make sure it's not too hot grab a cotton swab
Dip the cotton swab in the warm oil and seperate hair to expose scalp
GENTLY dab or run oil soaked cotton swab along scalp line
Continue this process until most of the scalp has been gently treated
GENTLY massage scalp, helping warm CO to penetrate { please remember to massage GENTLY, you're not rubbing a sore muscle. Being too rough on your scalp may cause future irritation.}

Here's the glamorous part:
Use a shower cap or a plastic bag and cover your head, then wrap a sweater or towel over it to create a little head cocoon. Leave on for approximately 20 minutes. GENTLY wash your hair [ with a shampoo free of sulfates, a major cause of scalp problems ] condition, style as usual.

Try this once a week, and stop washing your hair so much!
Peas and Love,