Want $3,000 from Google, Zagat & Brokelyn? February 01 2012

Thank G-D { <----- See! I'm Jewish } I was wearing "light protection" when I got the phone call from Google. They told me of a contest they were doing with Zagat and Brokelyn and asked, would I like to be the prize? Well, not exactly me but my spa, Tres Belle. If I was the prize, here are 5 things you'd have to look forward to:

1. Roseanne reruns on Netflix
2. a shit ton of sauteed kale
3. petting every dog you encounter on the street as you go, to and fro
4. excessive amounts of jumping up and down and clapping { I do this quite often I'm afraid }
5. Shushzing cat hair off the couch, the bed, the cats...

K, so, here's how to win one of  3 HUBUNGOUS prizes to Tres Belle Spa:

I hope YOU win.