Fakin' Bacon, Raven and Crow March 01 2012

National Pig Day
Finding out it is National Pig Day today made me totally happy. When I ditched meat, pork was the first to go. Pigs are friggin' cute, c'mon! Besides cuteness, they are highly intelligent, social creatures. Please read about pigs here, in this fascinating NY Times article. Pigs are having their moment! Hey! Pigs made their way into "the times", I haven't made it into "the times" , have you? Lulu even saved her owner's life! 

Giving up bacon and other processed meats, may save your life.  Need some guidance and tips for getting healthy and cooking compassionately? My friend Alexandra Jamieson author of "Living Vegan For Dummies" will guide you and educate you on everything you need to know.  
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