5 Tips To Avoiding "Summer Skin Freak-outs" July 31 2012

 Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil

Sexy Summer Skin is one thing but what about a summer skin freak-out? While some are walking around gorgeously bronzed and glowing, others are wondering why they are having sudden break-outs and full on skin "freak-outs." The summer is a whole different animal when it comes to the health and appearance of our skin and scalps too. In the summer, our skin is exposed to much stronger sun and extreme temperatures. Even if you're not a beachcomber, that jaunt to the morning train, that outdoor lunch, and those cocktails on the patio all add up. Let's not forget how drying heat can be and the dryness in the air from air conditioning. Also, we tend to sweat more and often reach for an emergency "glop" of cheap sunscreen that may cause clogged pores. The heat also stresses some people out, stress is also very damaging to skin. When I get stressed, my scalp itches. I also experience skin sensitivity during times of stress. Here are some things that I found helpful to keep my skin healthy.

Stop Stressing:
It's hot out. Get over it. It's going to be hot every summer for the rest of your life. Find a way to enjoy it or atleast not let it get you "scalp itch" or "break-out" upset. This year I came to full on believe in the magic of aromatherapy for stress. I have Tata Harper's Aromatic Stress Treatment to thank. It stops the crankies dead in their tracks and it smells so good that my landlord even told me that I smelled amazing! I always have it on me and find myself rolling it onto the weary temples of friends and clients to help alleviate that late afternoon lull.

Start Drinking:
Your body is made up of mostly water. When you sweat, you lose that water. Drink, drink, drink. Eat your water by consuming more fruits and vegetables. Also, eat some salty foods. You need salt when it's hot out, it actually helps your body hold onto water.

Sample Size:
If you have a sunscreen that you love, get a sample of it to throw in your bag. You can also make your own small samples of product you love with little travel bottles from your local drugstore. I love Ricky's. I'm a sunscreen obsessive however and always have a full size of SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion SPF50 with me.

Oil Up:
I started experiencing hair dryness this summer and after forgetting my beach hat, I fried my poor scalp too. I started to use Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil once per week, the night before shampooing. I even sneak a little onto the ends of my hair when putting it up. Put some on before you go to the beach, even under your hat, for a secret little treatment. You need to protect your hair from the sand & the salt water. I love the smell of this product so much, it's quite glamorous. Your hair will look nothing short of stunning after washing, and feel like silk.

Second Clean:
Thayer's Rose Witch Hazel is a cost effective skincare miracle. After cleansing your face, run a cotton ball under cold water, squeeze the water out and fill the cotton ball back up with the Thayer's. Soak your pores. Clean your neck and your decollete. Keep it in the fridge during the summer for a refreshing pore shrinking skin-drink. Your skin will feel more supple and hydrated and for those who get blackheads, watch 'em disappear. 

Happy Summer! Do it smart! Do it safe!

Peas and Love,