Vi Peel: Vitality Institute at Tres Belle Spa January 07 2013

Vi Peel is nothing short of miraculous

Common skin concerns such as aging skin, melasma, hyperpigmentation, scarring and active acne are treated with virtually no downtime.  It has been the most popular treatment at Tres Belle Spa since we started offering it a few months ago. We have seen it change lives.

Deep-peel offerings of the past found clients enduring discomfort, twice the treatment time, up to a week hiding at home, and a pretty good hit in the wallet. We understand feeling embarrassed about your skin
{ we've been there } , having tried all of the "miracle creams", expensive visits to the dermatologist for the latest beauty scripts, and endless beauty counter promises.

Wouldn't it be liberating to not even think about your skin anymore? Wouldn't it feel great to look in the mirror without dread? Wouldn't it be great not to worry about the condition of your skin when you're taking pictures, going to a party, going to the gym, at work doing a presentation, LIVING YOUR LIFE? We believe that Vi Peel is the answer for you if you have ever felt self-conscious about your skin or want a safe and effective treatment to get your skin looking it's very best.

20 Reasons To Fall In Love With Tres Belle Spa's *exclusive 
 Vi Peel Package:
1. It can help you feel more confident
2. It is cost effective
3. It is relatively painless
4. It is quick
5. It yields dramatic results
6. It requires little to no downtime
7. It helps even skin tone
8. It helps lessen redness
9. It accelerates cell turn over
10. It is cruelty-free, not tested on animals
11. It's results are clinically documented by International Research Services
12. Clinical studies showed rapid collagen increase
13. Clinical studies showed decreased melanin
14. Clinical studies showed increased blood flow to skin
15. Clinical Studies showed decreased crow-s feet lines at eye area
16. Clinical studies showed skin suppleness
17.  Clinical studies showed overall smoother skin
18. Clinical studies showed that 4-6 treatments work as a non-surgical facelift
*19. Free take home kit of products to help boost results
*20. Free 30 minute follow-up appointment including custom mini-peel

Are you ready to feel radiant? 
Call Tres Belle for a free consultation NOW and see what our Vi Peel Package can do for YOU. 718.797.0033