The Esthetician Is In: LA ----> NYC Winter Skin February 12 2013

A post from Tres Belle Spa Esthetician, Carrie!

I recently celebrated by one year anniversary in New York City! While everyday I have a love affair with NYC and Brooklyn, I am not having a love affair with my skin. 12 years of Cali 70 and sunny taught me a lot about desert dry skin, but east coast winter skin is a different animal.  I'm a quick learner and take skin seriously, so here are some ways I've learned to keep my skin looking 70 and sunny with a touch of morning dew!

H20: of course we all know this, but really...up your water intake. Its the first thing to evaporate when that wind hits your skin, so drink up, and just when you think you can't drink another drop of water, reach for coconut water! Its delicious and coconut water adds to hydration levels because coconuts are humectants. What's a humectant you ask?? According to Webster himself its a noun ;0 and a substance that promotes retention of moisture. ie that thing we are lacking right about now!

Omegas 3/6/9: fish oil capsules 2 per day. One in the morning and one at night. Vegetarians will want to add flax seed oil and avocado!  Dress your salad with these 2 power house omegas and watch your inner glow come back to life.

Coconut Oil:  Remember that word humectant?  Well grab some unrefined coconut oil, put it in your shower and apply before you dry!  The oil will actually mix with the water on your skin and help retain the moisture needed to endure your day. I go one step further and put Palmer's cocoa butter lotion on top to seal the deal.

Vitamins A,C and E:  Now these are for your beautiful faces. I'm addicted to SkinCeuticals vitamin products, so I'm going to gently plug these products and then hope to see you at Tres Belle Spa buying them up! Think Vitamin C, like orange juice, is a morning thing....for this go for C/E Ferulic Acid. Its a serum and goes on skin post cleansing and toning. This serum is your Brightening, Lightening and Tightening agent all while delivering powerful antioxidants to your skin and naturally upping your skin's defense to UV rays.  Vitamin A is your nighttime treatment serum.  SkinCeuticals  have 2 strengths and I always recommend beginning gentle with the .5 strength 3 times per week for easy exfoliation and anti-aging boosts.

Hyaluronic Acid:  This is the mother of all humectants, holding up to 1,000 times  its molecular weight in water...what that means? It means that this lovely acid opens up the water molecule in the skin and acts as a sponge to absorb more water and helps carry other moisturizes deeper into the skin for maximum moisture retention.  This is a MUST for winter. The 2 best products are Retexturizing Activator and Hydrating Gel B5...again brought to you by SkinCeuticals at Tres Belle Spa.

Lastly, I have found that with exfoliation in these winter months gentle is better.  While there seems to be dryness and flakiness, the elements of winter are harsh gentle and handle with care when sloughing off that topical layer of skin. Be VERY careful when using facial scrubs as, they can puncture the skin. Also, be wary over too much Clarisonic use as, it can thicken the skin and lead to dryness. Follow immediately with the above mentioned moisturizers and massage. Massage stimulates the blood and lymph which therein feed the skin.  

Always finish with a good sunscreen, YES, even in the winter! 

Peas and Love,
Carrie, Esthetician @ Tres Belle Spa