Exfoliation: Let's Get Physical or Chemical Reaction February 19 2013

whether physical exfoliation or chemical exfoliation, this quick step is key in keeping skin healthy and fresh looking. There are so many different products on the market. How do you know which to choose? Let me break it down for you:

Let's Get Physical:

What: Physical exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells through friction or scrubbing. You'll remember a blog post where I sang the praises of baking soda. Aside from DIY scrubs, there are different products to choose from when looking for an exfoliate, such as scrubs and seeds and devices such as the Clarisonic and treatments such as microdermabrasion. Be careful with over use of the Clarisonic. It can lead to a thickening of the skin causing dryness and inflammation. Physical exfoliation is one dimensional in that, it removes the top layer and that's all. Boom. Done.

Who: Physical exfoliation is best suited towards those with thick oily skin and scarred skin.

Why: Physical exfoliation is best for those looking for a quick fix or a DIY home treatment. It's also most often a more budget friendly option.

Chemical Reaction:

What: Chemical exfoliates are serums brushed over the skin to dissolve the "glue" that binds dead cells to one another. The most popular exfoliates are salicylic acid, glycolic acid and fruit enzymes. Over-the-counter offerings contain low concentrations of the acids where, high concentrations can be used by trained professionals such as estheticians. Other commonly used exfoliates are AHA's or alpha hydroxy acids. With use of chemical exfoliates, sometimes known as "peels" or "chemical peels" new cell turn-over is increased as is collagen production. Chemical exfoliation greatly improves skin health and appearance because it works at a cellular level. It helps reduce fine lines, hyperpigmentation , shrinks pores and improves overall texture of skin. 

Who: Chemical exfoliation works for almost all skin types. Different forms of peel are used for different skin types and skin conditions. This type of treatment is best left up to a professional.

Why: Chemical exfoliation or peels are often less irritating and with continued application, have long term benefits. I consider them to be the "holy grail" for anti-aging and enlarged pores. I highly recommend booking an appointment with a licensed esthetician. 

Get Glowing!

Allison @ Tres Belle Spa