Brooke Burke Bids Adieu to Melasma With Vi Peel February 26 2013


My Struggle with Melasma

"I have been struggling with melasma, also known as “the mask of pregnancy.” Plain and simple, melasma is those ugly annoying brown spots that appear during our reproductive years. Some women get it from the pill, hormones, and most of all pregnancy. If you’re lucky, it goes away after you roll out of your hormonal changes. Mother Nature sure did stick it to us! First, we give our bodies during pregnancy, then we lose that gorgeous full and thick prenatal hair, but worst of all many of us are left with noticeable brown spots on our faces. Mine traveled to a new location with each baby, and after my son the dark brown blotches that practically covers my entire cheek decided to stay put!"
"I make light of it now, because I have been fighting melasma and trying to conquer it for many years now. Trust me, I have tried everything. Some of you may remember the segment I did with a fellow mommy for The Doctors Talk show. I humbly reveled my melasma after wiping off my thick, full coverage TV make-up on Nat’l television! Then I went in for treatment with another lucky mom from the studio audience. I did 2 laser treatments, then a chemical peel. I was happy to reveal my problem, and hopeful that treatment would fix it, but no luck! Good news is that it worked for Lisa- lucky mommy!"
"I have continued to try a variety of treatments. It's crazy how much I went through, and I did not see much difference, Melasma is tricky and stubborn and the sun brings it out. Even driving in the car and getting dash board bounce is too much sun exposure."
"I recently met Dr. Kalil, who invented the VIPeel. He has been treating my skin. I am finally getting some positive results using his formula and faithfully following up with his recommended products"
A little bit about the peel I received: Dr. Abdala Kalil is the CEO of Vitality Institute Medical Products. According to Dr. Kalil, the VIPeel contains Phenol, TCA (trichloroacetic acid), salicylic acid, vitamin C, retinoic acid, hydroquinone, and cortisone. Dr. Kalil says that by combining forces, the powerful acids are used at a lower concentration to avoid any side effects. "Brooke's peel was slightly modified and customized for her skin, but the idea is the same," he explains. "And," he adds, "our peel is painless."

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Brooke's original blog post from Modern Mom is available to read here.

Peas and Love,
Allison @ Tres Belle Spa