An Estheticians Tutorial: Antioxidants, Anti-Aging, Vitamin A March 04 2013

Tres Belle Spa esthetician Carrie is back and breaking it down Triple A style...

AAA=Triple threat

A triple threat in a good way like being a super human and have the ability to sing, dance and act ;) Ok for real though, let's talk about these three A's in skin care, Antioxidants, Anti-Aging and Vitamin A. If I wasn't a licensed esthetician, I think I would be overwhelmed by all the crazy terminology in skin care trends. I'm here to break the code and give you the DL on all that's A in skincare. 

                                                                  It's scientific!

The basic knowledge you need to know is how science/chemistry works on the molecules of the skin. Oxidation of the skin cells causes aging....BAD news!!! How does this happen? Free radicals caused from factors like smoke, pollution, uv damage, pesticides and our own natural metabolism attack our cells causing damage, or worse permanent destruction of a cell. Knowing this main fact, I will now explain what each of our A's is doing to aid in the reversal of this misfortune!!!

So remember the above mentioned free radicals?!!! They are back and these bad boy antioxidants are our free radical scavengers!!! the rescue! Antioxidants neutralize the oxidation process and prevent damage to the cell. Obviously cellular damage is bad because as I said before, it causes aging and the breakdown of our skin. So now I bet you are wondering ' where can you get these super power antioxidants and how fast?' Right??!!!! You can eat some via berries, tomatoes, plums and leafy greens, or drink some in green tea and a little red wine! Fun Fun! I did say a little friends!!! While you're out shopping for those yummy things, you should then swing by Tres Belle and grab some Vitamin C/E ferulic acid and a little retinol from Skinceuticals. Vitamin A, C and E are rich rich in antioxidants.


This is a huge umbrella for skin care products. Basically ANYTHING that slows down or reverses the process of aging is anti-aging. All antioxidants and all vitamins are anti-aging. Sunscreen is anti-aging, sleeping, eating well, exercising, good sex and being happy are all anti-aging!! Swear...try em all and report back to us how good you feel and look by leading a good happy healthy life. Woot!
                                                                    Vitamin A: 
As we already know Vitamin A is both an antioxidant and anti-aging, but there is more to this vitamin! Vitamin A aids in red blood cell formation and helps transport iron and oxygen to blood cells. The 2 things that feed your skin are blood and lymph via oxygenating the cells, so this vitamin is another hero. Vitamin A also causes topical regeneration of the skin. What this means is in its own natural form, it helps renew/exfoliate the skin. This function helps soften fine lines and keeps pores tight.

*A couple of draw backs to note on vitamin A are 1st: if used in excess can cause too much topical exfoliation; thereby, irritating the skin and causing inflammation. 2nd: If pregnant or nursing, women should steer clear of this vitamin in its topical form due to over stimulation and production of proteins and growth hormones which can be too much for a developing fetus. You can eat your way to Vitamin A as well with some carrots, pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion on what's what.....
Get out there and earn you some A's!!!!