Going, Going, Glowing: Spring Skin Basics April 03 2013

 You know that dry skin you've been desperately trying to hydrate since winter's end? It's dead, let it shed. Spring renewal calls for "Going, Going, Glowing." Check out this Spring Skin Basics tutorial and trash your foundation ready to face the summer, naturally.

It’s unanimous at Tres Belle, the essential spring thing is exfoliation. Hiding under heavy moisturizer and winter make-up causes most of us to forget that what we’re trying desperately to hydrate is dead skin–skin that is desperate to be set free. Let it go, let yourself glow. Peels are not only a great way to clear away the winter build up, they also have the power to boost collagen, fade pigmentation, and increase cell turnover, which aids in hydration and healthy skin. Peels are best performed in spring (by a professional, of course!) before the crazy heat and sun can make you sensitive, not to mention loopy. Tackle and suppress the melanin sun spots before the “hot hot heat” of summer. Let’s call it a prevention tactic, not a prescription!

Vi Peels are Brooke Burke’s go-to and her holy grail when it comes to battling her melasma. Vi Peel is a deeper peel, as opposed to a quick or “Lunch time peel,” with the added benefits of completely fresh skin from the inside out. This peel works deep beneath the dermis to remove hidden damage that you can’t see under the surface. Another word for Vi Peel: magic.

If your skin is super sensitive, get fruity! Most enzymatic peels are papaya or pineapple based and just the ticket for sensitive skin that needs a lot of attention with just a little exfoliation. The winter cold/wind and excessive heat in your home really chaps your cheeks and over sensitizes the skin, so it is important to heal and remedy that fragile mug with kid gloves. Another great natural alternative to deep peels–and one that is great for delicate ‘dermis–is a little baking soda. Just mix some baking soda with water and very, very gently massage over your skin. You can also use it in the shower as a body scrub.
Finally, always use sunscreen protection, drink lots of water, and wear a smile as often as possible!

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Allison@ Tres Belle Spa