Vitamins For Your Skin April 11 2013

Ladies and Gentleman,
We at Tres Belle Spa are excited to introduce our NEW FACIAL the 
 "Vitamin Power Hour".  

 Did you know that there are vitamins for your skin suitable for all skin-types and most every skincare need? Indeed regular readers will remember us covering some ground in the Vitamin A department in our post "An Estheticians Tutorial." Well we're back, getting you into our facial bed with a brand new anti-aging, skin beautifying powerhouse packed full of A, B, and C power. Get ready for lots of soothing, lots of massaging, lots of lifting.

The "Vitamin Power Hour" is an anti-aging POWERHOUSE that packs a punch with medical grade ingredients! Vitamin C breaks up and dissolves dead skin-cells, evens, tones and brightens. A decadent yet therapeutic facial/neck massage increases blood flow, preparing skin to soak in a Vitamin A infused treatment mask, plumping the skin's surface, smoothing fine lines. Skin is then drenched in Vitamin B, a moisture "miracle worker" that binds moisture to the skin and replenishes skins own nutrients.

Give yourself a literal "lift" and start Spring with a little extra oomph in your step and your chin held just a little higher. Our Vitamin Power Hour isn't all looks ya know, 
it's about skin health.
 Afterall, your epidermis is showing and it's the only one you've got, Kid.