3 Great Tips for Fast Summer Beauty July 23 2013

If you've been living in the Brooklyn heatwave like I have,
 the last thing you want to do is put make-up. 
You want your beauty FAST and fuss-free, thank you very much. Get prepped.

Here are 3 tips on how to "prepare" yourself to look perfectly polished:

1. Eyebrows: A clean, yet defined brow frames the eyes, ya know...the windows to your soul? I cannot emphasize the phrase "do not try this at home" enough here. Please find a professional to give you the right shape for your face, and keep in mind that a bit of a thicker brow looks more youthful. You might also consider having a brow-tint as, filling in the brows and choosing the right shades to do so is better left to a professional. I can recall thinking I finally found the right shade for my then "measly" brows and later a friend asking, "why are your eyebrows red?" { insert wah-wah-wah trombone }

I'd like to personally thank Gwen Stefani to for driving the point home.

2. Eyelashes: Grow your own, then ditch your mascara. I have been using Nouriche { formerly known as Revitalash } for a couple of months now and MAN ALIVE! my lashes are BIG. It was created by an Ophthalmologist for his wife who lost her lashes during chemo. It's not tested on animals and a portion of proceeds go to charity. Win, Win. You can also just tint your lashes, which makes them appear instantly longer. Yes, it does. You might not realize that the tips of your lashes are lighter then the shaft of the lash. I just said "shaft." Mascara is so 3 months ago.

3. Tinted Sunscreen: No one wants to waste time finding the perfect shade, well, of anything. Am I right? Grab yourself a tinted sunscreen with a "universal" tone. I'm ALL OVER Skinceuticals SPF 50 with Universal Tint. Any beauty Diva or "Divo" worth their weight in gold uses sunscreen every day! Why not use one with a little tint? It will even out your skin tone without the heaviness of foundation.  OOOO, it's a two-in-one timesaver! 

These tips ought to cut down the morning scramble a bit, oui? What's your favorite time saver?

Peas & Love,