Tres Belle Spa: Why Your Pillow is Crucial To Your Beauty Game August 16 2013

You may have heard that using silk or satin pillow cases can help prevent wrinkles, there's some validity to that. What you might not know is how crucial your pillow is to your beauty game. If you find yourself constantly at war with blackheads, read up. I will school you on some basics and then hit you with some easy fixes, some of which may be quite surprising. 


What exactly is a blackhead? Simply put, blackheads are clogged hair follicles. They may not only be found on your face but also, your ears, back, chest, shoulders and even your arms. They are considered a very mild form of acne.

What causes blackheads? Overproduction of oil, certain medications and hormones are all common contributors. It's also been shown that dairy greatly increases the likelihood of blackheads and more severe acne. Hair follicles may also become irritated by layers of dead skin causing oily sebum build up.

What can I do to get rid of blackheads? First of all, if you are dealing with an extraordinary amount of blackheads, you should see a skincare specialist such as an esthetician. A professional will be prepared with  products that will open your pores up and easily extract the blackheads. They will also be able to use special devices to rid you of the bacteria hiding deep beneath your skin. 

{ NOTE! The Problem With Picking: You may actually make your blackheads worse by trying to extract or pick them yourself. You can break the skin surface and cause inflammation and even scarring. I know the temptation is great but you must resist! You will make it worse.}

How can I prevent blackheads?  
Try salicylic acid which kills bacteria and helps rid you of dead skin build up. 
Wash your face morning and night with an oil free cleanser and a cold water finishing rinse to close pores.
Follow cleansing with an alcohol-free toner such as witch hazel.
Gently exfoliate with a paste of water and baking soda every other morning.

1. Your Pillow:
Flip it your pillow over and then you need to turn it inside out and then, you need to change it. Stock up.

2. Your Glasses:
 Those glasses that sit on your face all day long, they’re so good to you. Clean them every day.

3. Your hair:
 We all want soft, silky hair but when it sits on our face the natural oils, conditioners, and styling products absorb into our skin. After you clean your face pull your hair up, pin it to the side, pull it back. Get it out of there!

Want to book a professional blackhead cleanse? Get at me.

Allison @ Tres Belle Spa