Tres Belle Spa: The 1 Ritual in India That Happens in Most Homes 3x Per Week September 15 2013

My mom used to rub my head when I was a kid. My favorite part was when she took the very tips of her nails and lightly scratched my hair line. Now, I do it to her when I visit her. I often massage my scalp at night in bed while I read, coincidentally they're the nights I sleep the best. Who knew a scalp massage also had actual health benefits? I did a little poking around and here's what I found: 
Head/Scalp massages have been practiced in ancient India and other Asian countries for over 5000 years. A three times a week ritual in many households, a head massage is given to infants all the way to adulthood.

Benefits of Scalp Massage:
  • Alleviates headaches, and generalized tension. The Mayo Clinic suggests massaging painful areas during a migraine.
  •  Improves circulation, lifting energy levels. The Chinese believe that an energizing head massage can help to keep your senses sharp.
  • Gives a sense of general well being and peacefulness. Massage has even been proven to quiet tremors in the body.
  •  Promotes lymphatic drainage, thereby helping to boost the immune system and remove toxins. 
  • Stimulates hair growth and even makes hair stronger.

Scalp Massage is fast becoming routine among those looking to improve their well-being. All September at Tres Belle Spa we are offering a 30 minute Rejuvenation and Ritual session that includes all natural exfoliation, collagen treatment, aromatherapy and head massage. Book one and be well.

Allison @ Tres Belle Spa