Can Acupuncture Change Infertility? October 12 2013

You may remember our post on Cosmetic Acupuncture for anti-aging, Tres Belle Spa Acupuncturist, Natasha Kubis L.Ac. believes fertility can be changed by acupuncture. 
How? Read on:
Many couples begin their course towards parenthood with enthusiasm and expectation. For more than 15 percent of the population, the voyage to parenthood is obstructed by the diagnosis infertility.  As an acupuncturist, I am aware that navigating the emotional and physical journey of fertility can be a roller coaster ride. While addressing the medical aspects of infertility in sessions, it’s crucial to treat the emotional health of patients, which conventional medicine neglects.
Fertility issues stem from a number of issues including hormone imbalance, tumor/cyst growth, eating disorders, alcohol or drug use, thyroid gland problems, excess weight and most damaging, stress.  Acupuncture is proven to be successful in treating the root causes of infertility, therefore making with the use of IVF, more successful.
Researchers from the University of Maryland reviewed seven prior studies on a total of 1,366 women. They found that acupuncture alongside IVF increased the conception success rate of the fertility treatment by 65 percent.
When women become pregnant, the journey doesn’t end there. I will often treat them throughout their pregnancy and provide postpartum support. I am often running out the door to help induce labor! These practitioner/patient relationships become the most important of my career.

Katerina Fiore, with veggie twins Sophia and Ronan
“At 43 I turned to acupuncture when I first learned of our fertility issues. I needed to prepare my body to be as receptive to IVF as possible. I knew that acupuncture helps with blood flow throughout the pelvic area, improving ovarian and follicular function. With all of the medications, tests, injections, and volume of information, acupuncture gave me a center to focus on and de-stress me. The treatments helped decrease the side effects of the medications.”

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