Brooklyn to the Beach: Tres Belle Spa's Top 5 Skincare Products January 28 2014

Just because I own a spa people assumed I'd take a ton of skincare products all the way from Brooklyn to the beach. They're right. I'm not the gal in a sweat trying to cram an extra pair of shoes into the luggage. I'm the one agonizing over which serum to shlep. I recently traveled to San Juan and want to share my top 5 skincare products, the ones I REALLY used.

1.  Organic Argan Oil by NOW SolutionsSometimes on vacation you feel too lazy to stick to your normal skincare routine, and by "lazy" I mean drunk. Argan Oil is chock full of skin healing fatty acids and can be used on your hair and skin, and absorbs beautifully. It also helps to balance your skin's PH levels which like your diet, can become  compromised while you're away from home.

2.  Phloretin CF by SkinCeuticals: It's like sunscreen that protects from the inside. Once this anti-aging wonder-serum soaks in, it's in. There's no washing it off or sweating it out. Phloretin CF is an anti-oxidant protecting skin from UVA & UVB radiation while continuously accelerating cell renewal. Basically: it not only protects, it improves. A MUST for sun-worshippers!

3. Eye Enhance by Velixa: This natural eye cream is by far the most refreshing I've ever used. With over a decade in the beauty biz, I have tried 1 or 2. After an afternoon in the hot sun, Eye Enhance feels so cool, like eating a York Peppermint Patty on a snow capped mountain. I almost instantly noticed that my weary eyes suddenly looked illuminated and smooth, and the scent of the botanical extracts was uplifting.

Velixa Eye Enhance

4. A.G.E. Interrupter by SkinCeuticals: Blueberry extract is the key ingredient in this super silky skin-cream for ladies over 40. What I love best is the soft protective finish it leaves after penetrating into the skin. I've noticed my bust looking bodacious after my nightly applications and my sensitive neck area finally looks hydrated not irritated. Throw this award winning anti-aging cream in your bag, it's suited for day and night.

5. Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD illuminating Beauty Balm SPF 30 by Stila Cosmetics: I don't usually rely on an "all in one" product for my sun protection but Stila's SPF is broad spectrum coverage. The tiny bit of color helps to even out skin tone and it's waterproof for 80 minutes. The light cream is free of oil and parabens, which means it won't get gross while you're on the glow.

Yours in Sunscreen,
Allison Tray
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