Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn's 2014 Valentine: 20 Reasons We Love ViPeel February 06 2014

Tres Belle Spa + Vi Peel, it's kind of a love thing.
Book in February and get $25 off using code VITB.

We've written about Vi Peel so many times, we thought it was time to make it official. We've decided that VI Peel is our Valentine4 of 201. We present a timeline of some special blog moments we've shared in 2013: 

{ cue the violins }

January 2013
"Vi Peel is nothing short of miraculous."

February 2013
"Brooke Burke's holy grail when it comes to battling her melasma."

April 2013
 "...with the added benefits of completely fresh skin from the inside out. This peel works deep beneath the dermis to remove hidden damage that you can’t see under the surface. Another word for Vi Peel: magic."

...and of course the love list gaining beauty world fame: 
20 Reasons To Fall In Love with Tres Belle Spa's Exclusive Vi Peel Package

{ cue the white horses }

1. It can help you feel more confident
2. It is cost effective
3. It is relatively painless
4. It is quick
5. It yields dramatic results
6. It requires little to no downtime
7. It helps even skin tone
8. It helps lessen redness
9. It accelerates cell turn over
10. It is cruelty-free, not tested on animals
11. It's results are clinically documented by International Research Services
12. Clinical studies showed rapid collagen increase
13. Clinical studies showed decreased melanin
14. Clinical studies showed increased blood flow to skin
15. Clinical Studies showed decreased crow-s feet lines at eye area
16. Clinical studies showed skin suppleness
17.  Clinical studies showed overall smoother skin
18. Clinical studies showed that 4-6 treatments work as a non-surgical facelift
*19. Free take home kit of products to help boost results 
*20. Free 30 minute follow-up appointment including custom mini-peel

Yours In Sunscreen,
Allison Tray