Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: Snow Day Report featuring Fine & Raw, DD Dagger, and A Lovely Universe February 13 2014

Remember Tres Belle Spa's trip to Brooklyn's own Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory? We've been daubing super anti-oxidant cacao onto Brooklyn dollies for days. Chocolate fanatics have declared our Valentine's Coco Facial  "a delicious hit." Then there's the eyebrows. We still have no idea why every "Snowpocalypse" brings out the eyebrow fanatics, but...we're into it. Even Austin based performer DD Dagger braved the Boerum Hill chill to get her pre-shoot glam on. 

Performer Allyson "DD DAGGER" Lipkin with Tres Belle Spa's Carrie in
"A serious brow moment." Watch her Brooklyn Girls video here.

PUCKER UP! Valentine Week gets even sweeter tomorrow when we team up with our neighbors at A Lovely Universe for a 48 hour savings extravaganza right on Bond Street. Details HERE. 

PS: Here's the amazing vegan soup I made today: 

PSS: Don't apply eye-cream too close to your eyes at night. You might wake up with crusties like I did. Stay below the bone under your eye socket. Pardon the expression but remember to "Keep it beneath the bone."

Yours In Sunscreen,
Allison Tray at Tres Belle Spa