Tres Belle Spa: Reiki and Attachment Parenting April 21 2014

In the following passage, Liza Roeckl LMT, MPS, LCAT, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, shares her thoughts on the connection between Reiki and Attachment Parenting.

Reiki is a Japanese healing energy that uses ‘Universal Life Energy’ to heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks. Using gentle touch or in correlation with massage, Reiki calms body and mind, opens the heart and brings us back to our natural state, which is one of peace and joy. 

"In attachment parenting you use your intuition as a parent to
understand and help your child feel happy, loved, safe, and cared for.
In my work as a healer and creative art therapist, I always just go
in with only my intuition. I never plan. Working in the schools with gang members and some of the most troubled children, I would have
the most successful groups just by showing up unprepared and being in
the moment with the kids and using my intuition. This is how I
approach healing work. People tell me things and then I just use my
intuition, be quiet, and listen.

As a mom, I always felt connect with my children because I also parent
from that intuition, which is why I love attachment parenting. Even
when my toddler Valentina was in NICU, for 1 day, I just stayed with her, nursed
her and talked to her. I knew she could understand that I was there to
take care of her and get her out of there!

I feel that people suffer because they feel a lack of connection or
love, a loving touch, or a warmth that has been long gone. In my work
I try to give the client this support, as if they are a child again,
to release the tension, stress, and feel that they feel strong enough
to be there true and best self. Very much like parenting, I listen
verbally and non verbally to my kids, be with them in the silence and
from there I understand what they need.
In my work as a healer, I get to be "the good mother", I get to
support, love, use my intuition to help heal the wounds.It is important to have someone believe in you and your healing, it is uplifting.
Why examine everything that is wrong in use, when there is so, so much
right....actually perfect!"

Liza offers Reiki Massage at Tres Belle Spa by appointment. To book with her please call 718.797.0033 or email