Tres Belle Spa: 3 Reasons Your Blackheads Won't Go Away { and it has NOTHING to do with your products } April 22 2014

This post has nothing at all to do with skincare and yet, EVERYTHING to do with blackheads. I might not know EVERYTHING but, I know blackheads. As a spa owner for over a decade, I have my fair share of facials and deep cleanings and sometimes, I even pick. That's right. I always tell you not to pick but sometimes I can't help myself, especially when I see a big blackhead right in the middle of my nose.

Last week I had a facial with Carrie. She turned the magnifying lamp to my skin and said, in her concerned tone, "Tray, your nose looks more red than usual. Have you been picking?" I froze a moment and answered "No, and by NO I mean yes. OMG I am awful." As she held the the R in the word GIRRRRRRRLLL I thought about YOU. I thought about my loyal readers and clients who I chide and shake a finger at for picking. The shame.

Why, why was I getting so many blackheads? I have regular facials, I eat a very clean diet, I NEVER go to bed with make-up on...I'm following ALL THE RULES, or so I thought. I set out to find the answer to my blackhead drama and after very, very serious discussions around a big boardroom table with a slew of experts, slideshows, big important looking skincare manuals, and a number of power point presentations {you know I was kidding, right?} my staff and I realized it had nothing at all to do with diet or skincare but it DID have to do with 3 things I was NOT doing.

The inspiration for this blog, the 3 Reasons Your Blackheads Won't Go Away:
1. You're not changing your pillow case enough. You need to flip your pillow over and then you need to turn it inside out and then, you need to change it. Stock up.
2. You're not disinfecting your glasses enough. Those glasses that sit on your face all day long, they're so good to you. Clean them. EVERYDAY.
3. You're hair is in your face. Soft silky hair, we all want it but when it sits on our face the natural oils, conditioners, and styling products absorb into our skin. After you clean your face pull your up, pin it to the side, pull it back. Get it outta there!

Peas and Love,
Allison Tray at Tres Belle Spa