Tres Belle Spa: Brooklyn Spa: Mother's Day May 02 2014

Some moms don't do tchotchke's. "It's just another thing to dust." "Chocolate? You never remember my hypoglycemia and don't bother with flowers, your father has allergies." MOTHER'S DAY. She live in Brooklyn? Send her to Brooklyn Spa: Tres Belle. We know how to handle her.

We're not letting her get away with ANYTHING. She's going to lay down and get pampered, like it or not. She's not allowed to answer her phone, check the time or clean-up after herself. She's not allowed to talk about work, the kids or the house. Get her a 90 Minute Mom Gift Certificate and we'll get her out of your hair for 90 minutes.

She might not be Lucille Bluth, but she loves you just the same.

PS: We don't mind if your mom is your dad or your uncle is your mom. Treat someone you love is all.

Pease and Love,
Allison Tray