Tres Belle Spa: Why Spring Cleaning Makes You Happy May 16 2014

I have a high tolerance for filth. Let me actually say, I am not an obsessive house cleaner. Although, once I get that little "itch" and go to town on my floors and doors with buckets and brooms, I feel HIGH. I set out to find out "Why Spring Cleaning Makes You Happy."  

I know some of you are already thinking "But, I hate to clean." I GOT YOU but when you finally breakdown and do it, it kinda feels good, right? When you get to that point, you've set an "intention" which often feels satisfying on it's own. Your brain is designed to set goals, so you're feeding it and maybe getting the same satisfaction you get when you do some "selfcare" like a facial or a Yoga practice. Most importantly, your home is an extension of YOU, cleaning it is in a sense, a wellness ritual. Cleaning is often seen as a spiritual practice in that, most of us have a cleaning "ritual." You might not clean on the same day each time but I bet you change your clothes, set out the same products and possibly clean in a certain order, room to room. Believe it or not, our brains derive a certain comfort from rituals, from knowing what to expect. Psychologically, we are taking care of ourselves.

For over a decade as a Brooklyn spa owner, I have seen how transformative a wellness ritual can be. You can feel an energy shift in a person who is stressed out, in pain or hasn't had a break all week, when they create for themselves a ritual of cleansing through massage, Reiki, a facial. You can liken it to the feeling of cleaning out the old, letting go of the "gunk" and feeling fresh, refreshed and renewed. Spring is the perfect time to set a cleansing intention whether it's through a house cleaning, a food cleanse or a spiritual cleanse with Reiki. Accept Spring's offer to grow, to change and to refresh.

We won't clean your house but we can help you with that soul cleanse and Spring Facial at Tres Belle Spa. It feels really good.

Peas and Love,